Malaysia: Halal industry hopes the benefits from JAKIM’s new ISO accreditation will filter down

By Richard Whitehead – Salaam Gateway

KUALA LUMPUR – The recent move by Malaysia’s halal authority to adopt ISO standards will level the playing field for companies seeking certification, according to experts canvassed by Salaam Gateway.

On October 10, the Halal Management Division of the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, known as JAKIM, announced it had been declared compliant by the Department of Standards Malaysia with International Standard ISO/IEC 17065:2012 for certification bodies.

“The accreditation is a valuable indicator for the degree of trust and confidence of the Malaysia halal certification system,” Bukhari Md Akhir, director of JAKIM’s Halal Management Division, told Salaam Gateway in a statement.

“It boosts trust to the public and industries that JAKIM’s halal certification attains very stringent standards and requirements.”

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