Malaysia: Halal Scientific Programme

Malaysian Academy of SME of Enterpreneurship Development (“MASMED”)-UiTM in collaboration with Malaysian Biotechnology Corp Sdn. Bhd (“Biotechcorp”) and TPM Biotech Sdn Bhd (“TPMB”) will be conducting a human capital programme known as Certified Halal Scientific Executive. This programme is an eight months intensive training programme which will start from 19th February 2012 to 12th October 2012. The participant of the programme is the final year student of UiTM where the selections were made via an interview and screening by UiTM. The programme is funded by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and Biotechcorp.

It was reported that the interest and demand for Halal certified products and services has increased to about a RM2.3 trillion across the global market. Due to this, MASMED-UiTM has taken the initiative to provide this pioneer halal scientific programme and hope to produce the Halal Scientific Process experts. The Halal Scientific programme is emphasizing on the development of human capital to cater for the demand of Halal Management and to support Malaysia’s aspiration to become the world’s Halal Hub.The Halal Scientific programme is a comprehensive programme which includes the four important elements; Shariah, Law and Standard, Auditing and augmented by elements of scientific approach in Halal Analysis. The scientific approach will be conducted by TPMB for twelve weeks.

With an ISO 17025 accredited for laboratory testing specifically in the scope of Halal testing, TPMB was entrusted by MASMED-UiTM and Biotechcorp to conduct the scientific training to the participants. At TPMB, participants will be exposed to a thorough and comprehensive training that involves the latest development of the current technology and method in Halal Analysis. The training will include the concept of Halalan and Toyibban, in which, participants will learn on porcine and alcohol detection as well as toyibban (safety) testing of food products. This includes heavy metal analysis and adulterant testing. In addition, participants will also acquire knowledge about Laboratory Management as well as commercialization aspects of halal testing via development of new kits or services. Through the training with TPMB and to be trained by the skilled personnel, participants will be exposed to the experience