Malaysia: HDC expects moderate growth in halal exports

HALAL Industry Development Corp Sdn Bhd (HDC) expects halal exports to grow moderately by six per cent this year, curtailed by the possible impacts of a global economic crisis.

Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Sri Mustapa Mohamed announced yesterday that Malaysia’s export value for halal products in 2011 stood at RM35.4 billion. This is some 50 per cent more than in 2010.

However, Mustapa cautioned that the surge in exports was more a function of better data collection of halal product exports than actual jump in export figures.

“This is a significant milestone for the halal industry. HDC has developed a database for comprehensive halal statistics, which makes it possible for us to report the performance of the halal industry.

“I believe that with this year’s achieved export value, we are a leading exporter of halal products and the biggest among Organisation of Islamic Cooperation countries,” Mustapa said at Matrade headquarters here yesterday.

Malaysia’s halal ingredients sector is in the lead with an export value of RM12.3 billion (35 per cent), followed closely by food and beverages 11.9 billion (34 per cent) and Palm oil derivatives (such as oleochemicals) RM7.0 billion (20 per cent).

The top five export markets are China, the United States, Singapore, the Netherlands and Japan.

HDC is yet to compile import figures for halal products into Malaysia. However, it expects to have this data available by the middle of the year.

In terms of investments for HALMAS Halal Parks, its nine parks have realised some RM625 million in investment in 2011.

The nine parks are Penang International Halal Hub, techpark@enstek, PKFZ Halal Flagship, Melaka Halal Park, Serkam and Selangor Halal Hub.

The target investment for halal parks in 2012 is RM1 billion.