Malaysia: HP Sauce And Tabasco Are Certified Halal

KUALA LUMPUR, June 17 (Bernama) — The brand owners for HP Sauce and Tabasco, HJ Heinz and Mclhenny Company, refuted recent claims that both brands are not halal-certified.

The companies said in a statement Friday that both brands are in full compliance of regulatory guidelines by their respective halal certified bodies.

“HP Sauce is certified halal by HAC (Halal Audit Company) which is an Islamic certification authority in the Netherlands, where the factory is located.

“HP Sauce manufacturer Heinz has done tests for traces of pig DNA and no traces of pig DNA were found,” it said.

The test results had been submitted to Jakim, the Malaysian Islamic Development Department, the statement said.

According to the statement, Tabasco is certified halal by IFANCA (The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America) which is an Islamic authority in the United States, and has been accredited by Jakim to certify products on its behalf.

In another development, Ayam Brand said i a statement that no Ayam Brand products had been recalled from the market and that the company is not in any way associated with the company of the smoked pork products which were recalled from the market on Tuesday.

“Ayam Brand only produces and distributes halal products and all Ayam Brand products are Halal certified,” the statement said.