Malaysia: JAKIM To Introduce Halal Standard For Leather, Wool, Bone Products

By Salawaty Supardi

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 4 (Bernama) — The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) in collaboration with Department of Standards Malaysia, will draw up a halal standard for leather, wool and bone products.

Its principal assistant director, halal hub division, Hakimah Mohd Yusoff said the standard would serve as a guideline in providing the halal certification for these products to safeguard the sensitivities among Muslim consumers.

“When we talk about halal certifications, many think only of food or beverages; but the items we wear everyday may not be halal.

“That is why it’s important to have a halal standard for these items,” she told Bernama.

She said the preparation for the halal standard began last year and expected to be completed this year and take effect next year.

Hakimah said that at the moment, there were no specific regulations on the need to segregate leather, wool or bone products according to whether they are halal or not.

Some premises owners however, had taken initiatives to do so, she said. Meanwhile, Hakimah said up until December last year, 366 hotels nationwide had obtained their halal certifications from JAKIM.

Hotel and food premises operators are encouraged to obtain the halal certificate and logo from JAKIM and state Islamic religious council to enhance confidence among consumers in their products and services.