Malaysia: Kelantan collects Zakat in Shariah money

Exactly one year ago, on 12 August 2010, a small north-eastern state of Malaysia made a revolutionary step that may well have an impact on the modern world history: the government of Kelantan introduced bi-metallic medium of exchange, Islamic Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham, known in the history and tradition of Islam as Shariah Money. On August 12, 2010 for the first time in the last 100 years a government gave the people freedom to choose their medium of exchange. Since that historic moment up unitl today the entire population of Malaysia – except in Kelantan – was robbed 20% of purchasing power of their capitalist paper currency through a process of legalized theft a.k.a inflation.  In contrast, during the same period of time people of Kelantan not only preserved the value of their Shariah coins, in fact the buying power of the sound money of Kelantan had increased: since 12 August 2010 the gold dinar appreciated against Ringgit by 30% while the silver dirham by 100%.

Yesterday, 18 August 2011, gold price hit new all time record – USD1,829. Gold rush that started early this year is apparently becoming pandemic, even the ideological enemies of honest money, central banks, are hastely buying up the yellow metal since they realize only gold will give them a breather when the finaincial tsunami, stocking over horizon, hits the entire globe; this tsunami will be so devastating that the 1997 and 2008 crises will look like a 4.0 magnitude earthquakes.  Bank of Russia (Russian central bank), for example, in the last 6 months of 2011 has increased its official reserves by 50 tons making it in total 837 tons and, according to the statement of the vice-chairman of Bank of Russia, the bank’s plan is to keep increasing its gold reserves by minimum 100 tons annualy from now on.

As the world is watching in shock how the US government is trying to pull last tricks to cheat its creditors the people of Kelantan are boarding safe boats and sailing away from disaster of the usurious global economic system. Daily throughout the state sound money of Islam is offered to public at unified price by state-appointed agents (wakala); thousands of shops, business outlets and traders in Kelantan are accepting dinars and dirhams as means of payment; all state companies including utility providers too accept the Islamic currency.

And now, one year after the launch of Shariah Money, Kelantan makes yet another decisive and historic step towards restoring Divine order: on 25th August 2011 payment of Zakat, the third pillar of Islam, will be collected and paid with Shariah currency, Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham, in a public ceremony organized and officiated by the government. According to Islamic law Zakat al-Mal (annual tax on wealth) is collected from real tangible wealth such crops, livestock, gold, silver being in the possession for one year and it cannot be collected with debt contracts, promissory notes or worthless paper like dollar or ringgit. For gold and silver money Zakat al-Mal is 2.5% and it taken only when the wealth of a Muslim reaches the minimum level, 20 dinars or 200 dirhams, it follows that amount of collected Zakat starts from 0.5 gold dinar or 5 silver dirhams.

The historic event will take place at Kelantan Trade Centre in the capital of the state, Kota Bharu, on the 25th August 2011. The program will begin at 15:00 and end by Magrib followed by fast breaking dinner. The event will be officiated by the Chief Minister of the state’s administartion, Dato Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, and state officials. Guests, media from all over the country as well as foreign delegations from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Spain, England and Kazakhstan will attend the event that promises to trod the way for Muslim nations and communities around the world to restore the fallen pillar of Islam, Zakat.

Who will pay Zakat?  Kelantan Government agencies, state companies, private companies and individuals from all over Malaysia who wish to pay Zakat with Halal money of Islam. Who will collect Zakat? The religious department of Kelantan administration, Majlis Agama Islam Kelantan, will set up its counters in the hall during the event; collected coins will be distributed on the same day or maximum within 24 hours. Who will receive Zakat? One thousand poor from various districts of the state will receive Zakat and will be able to spend it in the central market of Kota Bharu as well as shops in their respected areas whose list will be provided to zakat recipients.

This possibility to pay Zakat with Shariah money to official authorties is given to Malaysians for the first time. All Muslims of Malaysia, who have sufficient wealth to pay Zakat on, are cordially invited to join the Zakat Ceremony in Kota Bharu.  The coins can be purchased right at the event as Wakalas will open their booths in there. For registration please contact the event organizers at: +6 09 744 1901.

We ask Allah to bless the Sultan of Kelantan, the administration and the people of Kelantan. We ask Allah to guide the Ummah to restoration of Muamalat according to the Amal of Medina al-Munawwara. We ask Allah to unite the Ummah and liberate the Muslim lands from the oppression of Kufar. Ameen.