Malaysia: Muslims Advised To Be Alert Over Health Product Contents

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 1 (Bernama) — Muslim consumers need to be more aware of the contents of medication and health products in the market to ensure that they are made from halal sources, a pharmaceutical health seminar was told today.

Islamic Development Department (Jakim) Halal Hub officer Nur Aniqah Amin said many pharmaceutical and health products not approved by the government with questionable halal status were in the market.

“There are heaps of imported pharmaceutical products in the market, including cosmetics, which are not halal so Jakim through its Halal Pharmaceutical Concept, has outlined various aspects which need to be adhered to by manufacturing companies.

“This covers management, raw material, packaging and storage to avoid mixing with non-halal elements,” she said at a seminar on pharmaceutical and health products at the National Mosque, here.

Meanwhile, Syed Fadli Sailudin, senior principal assistant director of the Kuala Lumpur Health Department Pharmacy Division, said almost 3,000 tonnes of gelatine were produced worldwide each year but not all of it was derived from pork.

“To prevent consumers from being cheated, the ministry has made it compulsory for local and foreign companies to list the ingredients of their products before they can sell them in Malaysia,” he added.