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Malaysia: Mydin Global link-up with Halal suppliers

| 12/12/2016 | Reply
(From left) Halal Industry Development Corporation Halal Integrity Division vice-president Norhariti Jalil, Ameer and Amnah speaking to the media

(From left) Halal Industry Development Corporation Halal Integrity Division vice-president Norhariti Jalil, Ameer and Amnah speaking to the media

MYDIN Mohamed Holdings Sdn Bhd sealed its partnership with Global Halal Data Pool (GHDP) to improve the efficiency of its supply chain.

By integrating their supply chain with GHDP, Mydin aims to enhance the quality, selection and standard adherence of local brands throughout all its stores.

Through GHDP, Mydin will be connected directly to not only accredited halal suppliers but real-time company and product information.

This allows the hypermarket chain to regulate, control and elevate its retail offerings to consumers and also make efficient, cost-saving adjustments to its supply chain.

“In line with our company’s vision to be the world’s leading distributor of competitive halal goods and services, Mydin aims to rely on accurate and standardised data received through GHDP for existing and new items.

“The benefits for all retailers, suppliers and consumers are too immense to ignore and the continuous improvement to our supply chain is vital.

“GHDP will allow us to be kept in the loop with any changes, issues or requirements of products instantly and efficiently,” said Mydin managing director Datuk Wira Ameer Ali Mydin.

The Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) spearheads the initiative and Serunai Commerce has been appointed to lead the development, coordination, regulation and roll-out of GHDP, together with the support and participation of Islamic Development Department (Jakim), SME Corp Malaysia, Department of Standards Malaysia and GS1.

GHDP founder Amnah Shaari, who is also Serunai Commerce chief executive officer, said the platform helped spur the perception and standing of halal products as well as to overcome issues such as standard adherence, non-compliance to supply chain protocols and consumer transparency demands.

“With GHDP, what we have is a digital hub where product information, protocols, standards and logistics come under one consolidated platform, giving users instant information and all the tools needed to introduce products to new markets,” she said.

A Malaysian government initiative under the purview of the International Trade and Industry Ministry, GHDP connects accredited halal suppliers, manufacturers, buyers and retailers onto the global market place.

The GHDP uses international standards for data sharing, allowing interfacing at ease and providing exposure of over 36 other established data pool while reaching 150 global markets.

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