Malaysia: New book ‘Marketing Halal’ to help entrepreneurs in the Halal industry


KUALA LUMPUR, The global halal market will once again look to Malaysia as a key mover of the halal industry with the publication of Marketing Halal: Creating New Economy, New Wealth, an informative book by Liow Ren Jan, which is fully endorsed by the Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC). The book which is a publication of MPH Group Publishing was launched by the CEO of HDC, Dato’ Seri Jamil Bidin at the MPH Carnival 2011 in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.

In his foreword, Dato’ Seri Jamil Bidin said that the book will once again serve to position Malaysia as a thought leader in the global halal arena. This would be an excellent read for entrepreneurs or academics who are interested in halal marketing. It was noted in the book that halal authorities such as the HDC are more than encouraging for entrepreneurs venturing into the halal business.

The author, Liow has always envisioned writing a book of international interest that would form as a reference point for companies and individuals around the world to understand the essence of Halal, and ways to marketing halal products and services in order to generate wealth for countries and individuals.

Marketing Halal documents what the author has learned through real-world, practical experiences and his journey in starting up, running and marketing a halal food business. The author hopes this book will inspire others to write as well, creating literature that will assist the development of the halal industry into a driving force that creates new wealth and a new economy.

“I truly believe in the promise of Halal and I want to bring this forward to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It is the promise of quality, food safety, hygiene and fair trade in Halal that I believe will help the industry cut across a wider spectrum of consumers of various ethnicities globally. This book will help the entrepreneur navigate through this complex industry, and aims to inspire through its various case studies and success stories” said Liow.

In his speech, the author Liow said when he first started, he often wondered whether a non-Muslim going into the halal business would be accepted. Venturing into a complex industry driven by a religious need was an eye-opener and he has learned much from his peers in the industry as well as through his own experience in marketing a Halal ready-to-eat meal brand, Sri Kulai.

Liow Ren Jan, is the founder and CEO of AYS Sdn Bhd, the manufacturer of Sri Kulai ready-to-eat meals, which are available in major supermarkets throughout the country as well as in airlines, private hospitals, restaurant chains and tourist destination operators. Since the company was founded in 2008, it has won numerous awards, including “Industry Excellence Awards 2010: Product Excellence” from the Malaysian government and “Best Halal Product Award” presented at the World Halal Forum in 2009. Liow himself was awarded “Outstanding Chinese Business Leader” at a ceremony held in Beijing in 2010 to honour top Chinese business leaders from all over the world.

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Title: Marketing Halal: Creating New Economy, New Wealth
Author: Liow Ren Jan
Publisher: MPH Group Publishing
ISBN: 978-967-415-002-0
Malaysia Price: RM32.90

Book highlights:
a. fundamental rules to marketing Halal successfully
b. The bigger concept of “Halal Toyyibban” – permissible & wholesome
c. Global market size for Halal products & services

d. The “Do’s” and “Don’t” by successful industry players