Malaysia to provide Int’l Halal food certification service in China

By Gu Liping – Xinhuanet

Jakim-logoCooperation agreements on Halal food certification between China and Malaysia were reached after a trilateral talk held among the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), the Port Klang Free Zone and SM International Wholesale (China) Centre Sdn Bhd on Monday.

Hakimah binti Mohd Yusof, a senior official of the JAKIM, said, Halal certification is not only a religious belief, but also a guarantee of food safety and human health, adding that she hoped Muslim organizations in China and Malaysia to work together to make achievements.

Thousands of excellent Halal food makers in China have been slow to go abroad because of regional factors and lacking of platform, said Xia Baowen, general operator of Port Klang Free Zone.

Xia believed that the cooperation with the JAKIM would bring fresh opportunities to develop international Halal food market.