Malaysia to support Pakistan’s request for full dialogue partnership in ASEAN

LUMPUR, Nov 2 (APP): Malaysia will support Pakistan’s request for a
full dialogue partnership in the Association of South East Asian
Nations (ASEAN). This assurance was given by Malaysian Foreign Minister
Dato Sri’ Hanifah Haji Aman on the request made by Foreign Minister of
Pakistan Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi during a bilateral meeting at
the end of 12th Session of D 8 Council of Ministers’ held in here on

During the meeting, the Foreign
Minister of Pakistan said that both the countries should capitalize on
the existing fraternal relations between the two countries and should
move forward to translate this goodwill into meaningful cooperation in
economic, trade and investment relations.

The Foreign Minister of Pakistan also took up the matter of Pakistani
work force export to Malaysia and offered the services of Pakistani
doctors to overcome the shortage faced by Malaysia.

The Malaysian Foreign Minister said that Malaysia is currently facing
shortage of 14,000 doctors and would certainly welcome Pakistani
doctors to Malaysia.

The Foreign Minister was told that Oversees Foundation of Pakistan has
already advertised the vacancies of Doctors in Pakistan on behalf of
the Malaysian Government.

Qureshi also invited his counterpart to visit Pakistan to attend the
Pak Malaysia Joint Ministerial Conference for forging meaningful
cooperation between two countries in various sectors.

Malaysian Foreign Minister while accepting the invitation said that
during his stay in Pakistan both the countries will also sign the
agreement for visa abolition for official and diplomatic passport

FM Qureshi also invited the Malaysian business delegation in the Public
Private Partnership Conference being organized by Pakistan and UAE in
January 2010 in Dubai wherein the Friends of Democratic Pakistan
investors have been invited for match making with the public and
private sectors of Pakistan .

The Malaysian Foreign Minister assured Malaysian participation in the
conference for establishing networking between Pakistani and Malaysian
public and private sectors.

FM Qureshi informed his Malaysian counterpart that he is accompanied by
a group of businessmen in the Halal Industry who are holding meetings
with various Malaysian Government Agencies and private sector dealing
in Halal food and meat industry.

He said that Pakistan offers very attractive opportunities for joint ventures in Halal sectors with Malaysia.

The Foreign Minister of Malaysia said that they are closely
coordinating the visit of the Pakistan delegation with the Malaysian
Public and Private sector organizations.

Qureshi said that he himself will be meeting with Malaysia Minister for
Agriculture and Minister for International Trade and Investment (MITI)
to discuss ways and means to promote cooperation and forging joint
ventures in Halal Food Sector.

The Malaysian Foreign Minister also identified energy sector as an area
for meaningful cooperation between Pakistan and Malaysia.

Qureshi while welcoming the proposal said that there is huge potential
in Pakistan to explore hydel, wind and Coal energy and invited the
Malaysian companies to help Pakistan to realize the full potential of
these opportunities.

The Malaysia Foreign Minister reassured his Pakistani counterpart

that they will examine Pakistani proposal with the concerned Malaysian stakeholders.

The two foreign ministers also discussed cultural relations between the peoples of two countries.