Malaysia: Zilzar signs MoU with PIHH to promote Made In Penang

The MoU covers joint collaboration between two parties to build and expand the ‘Made in Penang’ brand to create jobs, boost exports and draw tourism into Penang on the Zilzar platform.

Zilzar is a global e-commerce platform for the $2.4 Trillion Muslim Lifestyle Marketplace consisting of eight sectors: Halal Food/Beverage, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Travel, Fashion, Islamic Finance, Media/Recreation, and Logistics.  Positioned as a ‘One Community, One Platform,’ Zilzar is continuing to make its mark as the trusted platform for products and services that serve the growing Muslim Lifestyle space.

At the signing of the MOU, PIHH was represented by The Honourable Dato’ Haji Abdul Malik Kassim, Chairman of PIHH while ZILZAR was represented by Co-Founder and CEO, Rushdi Siddiqui.

PIHH Chairman Dato’ Haji Abdbiz(2)ul Malik Kassim said the signing of the MoU with Zilzar, was a milestone to strengthen their working alliance and generate sustainable economic values for the state and region. “It is our hope that the partnership will meet the needs of our local sellers and provide opportunities for them to market their product globally in line with PIHH’s direction to become the leading hub globally.’

“It is truly an honour to be part of this collaboration. Made in Penang is the first collaboration powered by Zilzar, and we strongly believe that this initiative will be the start of something bigger and far reaching in the Muslim world that connects destination places for promoting tourism, jobs and commerce.’ said Rushdi Siddiqui, CEO of Zilzar.

About Zilzar, the world’s first social trading network providing e-commerce, content and community platforms for the Muslim lifestyle Marketplace, was launched during the 10th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) in Dubai by the Malaysian Prime Minister Dato’ Sri MohdNajib b TunAbd. Razak.

Zilzar is a B2B and B2C global information, content, community, and trade platform for the Muslim Lifestyle Marketplace consisting of eight silos:$1.1 trillion halal food/beverage, $1.4 trillion Islamic Finance, $224 billion clothing/fashion,$151 billion media/recreation, $137 billion travel/tourism, $70 billion pharmaceutical, $26 billion cosmetics and $15 billion logistics, based on 2012 capital expenditure.

About PIHH

PIHH Development Sdn Bhd (also known as Halal Penang) is the agency of the Penang State Government responsible for the promotion, facilitation and development of the Penang International Halal Hub (PIHH). The State of Penang aims to become the Global Halal Centre serving as the Location of Choice for Halal investments, trade, industries as well as Halal-friendly tourism and lifestyle. Investors and businesses alike are assured of an enabler infrastructure through the development of holistic Halal supply chain encompassing ten Halal clusters namely Industries, Logistics, Agro-based, Life Sciences, R&D, Finance, Hospitality & Tourism, Human Capital, Marketing & Promotion and Entrepreneur Development. Businesses can leverage on PIHH to source for quality Halal products and benefit from international partnerships and market linkages established by PIHH globally.