Malaysian Companies Encouraged To Invest In Senegal

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 14 (Bernama) — Malaysian halal food
companies have been encouraged to invest in Senegal to tap the
potential markets in Africa, Europe and the United States.

Senegal ambassador to Malaysia, Abdel Kader Pierre Fall, said
companies which operate in halal food products in Senegal can easily
export their products to other African nations, Europe, United Kingdom
and the United States.

If a Malaysian company sets up shop in Senegal, it will do very
well because Senegal represents a huge market of 230 million people
(comprising a regional grouping of 15 countries) and the majority of
them are Muslims, he told reporters on the sideline of the Investment
Opportunities in Senegal Forum held here today.

Apart from halal foods, other potential Malaysian exports include cars, electronic goods and machinery.

Abdel Kader said the main objective of the one-day forum was to
offer a platform for disseminating information on existing investment
potential among Malaysian companies eager to reinforce their presence
in Senegal and Africa.

Senegal, a former French colony, enjoys the reputation of being
one of Africa’s most stable countries, both politically and

Islam, practised by about 95 percent of the population, is the
predominant religion in Senegal, whose economy is largely based on
exports of fish, phosphates and peanuts besides tourism and the
services sector.

On the forum, Abdel Kader said the participants were provided with relevant information on investment opportunities in Senegal.

“Our goal is to help them assess and evaluate those investment
opportunities and in the end they will be able to make the best
strategic business decision,” he said.

Senegal offers major investment opportunities in various sectors
ranging from agriculture, tourism, fisheries, infrastructures to mining
and home building.