Malaysian International Food & Beverage E-Exhibition: 22-24 July 2020

Taste, Not Waste

Food needs to be able to travel and for that to happen safely (and not messily), it needs to be packaged properly. In today’s world, food packaging has become even more important for manufacturers.

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Freeze-drying For Preservation

If you’ve been following this blog, you would have noticed that most food preservation techniques that exist today actually began thousands of years ago.

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Let There Be Food

If you think about it, have you ever been to an event where there was no food or drink available? Food and beverage (F&B) is normally the biggest expense for any event. No surprises there as guests tend to remember best what was served during an event.

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Fermentation Good For Gut Health

Fermented foods have skyrocketed in popularity as more and more recent research confirms the importance of the gut microbiome.

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Clean Your Kitchen

No matter what sort of F&B business you’re running, the safety and health of your customers should always take precedence over making a fat profit.

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MIFB InfoZone Event Updates
We are very much delighted to announce the arrival of Superfood in South Korea! Bringing you healthy and natural food to the business trade exhibition.
Announcing Soon! Sphere Exhibits Malaysia will be announcing its brand new 2021/22 Events Calendar catering all aspects of Food & Beverage Sectors. Stay Tuned for Updates