Midamar to launch Halal consulting services

Middle East halal food producers get help to break into US$16 billion US Halal market

Mon, 03 Dec 2007 05:14 PM – Dubai Time

food producers in the Gulf region are being offered expert guidance to
break into the US$16 billion Halal food and Muslim marketing
opportunities in the US which is growing at a rate of 25 to 30 per cent
a year.

Midamar, North America’s largest supplier of high quality US
Halal meats, will unveil a new consultation service for Middle East
companies aiming to capitalise on huge market growth in the US at Halal
World Expo in Abu Dhabi next month.
Taking place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from 9-11th
December, this important new industry event is being launched at a time
when the global Halal food market is worth an estimated US$2.1 trillion
a year.

Midamar, which has more than 30 years’ international trading
experience, will offer extensive market research and local ‘know how’
to help Middle East producers make inroads and strategic investments
into the booming US Halal industry. The company has picked Halal World
Expo as the perfect launch platform for its new consultation service
which officially becomes available in January 2008.

Midamar will also use Halal World Expo to showcase a range of new Halal
products, which will soon be available along with other Midamar Halal
products already on supermarket shelves in the UAE and other parts of
the region.
Midamar recently launched a similar consultation service in America to
help US restaurant franchises determine the best approach for
establishing a business presence for their goods or services in the
Middle East.

The company is currently working with three major US
businesses looking to expand new and existing operations in the region.
Halal World Expo will feature Halal lifestyle products, including
Islamic fashion, cosmetics and other health care products, as there has
been a growing demand in the UAE towards products that are Halal

The exhibition will also focus on Islamic Finance, which is
currently worth between US$200 and $500 billion annually and a
consistently growing interest for financial market across the world.
Midamar at Halal World Expo /3
The Global Halal and Islamic Business Forum will run alongside the
Halal World Expo in Abu Dhabi.

The exhibition will be an annual
landmark event opening the gateway for the Middle East market to the
international Halal industry.