MIHAS 2009 – The 6th International Halal Showcase


The 6th International Halal Showcase, MIHAS 2009 will take centre stage once again from May 6 to 10 at the MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Themed as ‘Halal Worlds Combine’, MIHAS 2009 aims to foster stronger trade connection with Global Halal players to provide mutual support in expanding the Halal market amid the current economic slowdown.

MIHAS is rapidly becoming the world’s premier showcase of Halal products and services, attracting more than 600 participants both from Malaysia and foreign countries.  To date, MIHAS 2009 has received up to 80% booking from local and foreign exhibitors.

Response from the local companies has been encouraging, with 50% of the confirmed companies being the first time participants, while the remaining are repeat participants. For international companies, to date 13 countries have confirmed to participate namely from Brunei, Egypt, India, Iran, Serbia, the USA and Turkey. Two new entrants are from Japan and Tunisia who will be participating for the first time to promote their Halal products.

MIHAS has proven to be the effective platform in bringing together those involved in the Halal business and trade. Since its inception 5 years ago, MIHAS has grown significantly to cater to an expanding market and growing Halal industry. The number of participants has grown with each years’ event, making MIHAS a household name in international circles, among both individuals and organisations. Business people well versed with Halal market have marked MIHAS in their calendar.

Five (5) key sectors that will be featured at MIHAS 2009 are:

•    Food and Beverage

•    Pharmaceuticals and Herbal Products

•    Cosmetics and Healthcare

•    Banking and Finance

•    Food Processing and Packaging Machinery

There will also be opportunities for buyers and sellers in the Halal market to establish new business alliances in trade and business through the Incoming Buying Mission (IBM) programme organised from May 5 to 6. During this two-day program, buyers will be flown in from around the world to participate in one-on-one business meetings with Malaysian exporters of Halal products.

For this year IBM, the focus will be on selecting quality and premium buyers worldwide. Bringing in quality and premium buyers will compensate for the anticipated lack of travel and participation in overseas promotion programme by the Malaysian companies, due to the current economic slowdown.

More than 500 buyers from over 30 countries will participate in this year’s Business Matching Program. MATRADE hopes to improve last year’s record of sales generated from IBM which amounts to RM 2.20 billion.

MIHAS 2009 will also feature the first ‘MIHAS Apprentice Chefs’ Competition’ (MACCTM), a quest in search of the best culinary talents around the world. During MACCTM 2009, aspiring Apprentice Chefs from the finest Culinary Colleges around the world will compete against each other by putting their culinary skills to test and win the prestigious SilverspoonTM Award. The introduction of MACCTM at MIHAS 2009 will further enhance the exposure of quality Halal products in the mainstream global food and beverage market.

In conjunction with MIHAS 2009, Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) will also be organising the “The World Halal Research 2009” from May 7 to 8. This international conference aims at providing a platform for scientists, researchers, scholars and academicians to discuss and exchange ideas on new research findings, emerging technologies, trends, issues and challenges in the global Halal industry.

The conference will also provide participants with the latest developments, technologies, emerging trends, product innovation, best practices and more within the Halal industry. This will also encourage a continuous effort in developing human capital and knowledge based economy which is imperative for the growth of the Halal industry.

Formerly known as the International Conference on Research Advances in Halal Science, this conference is expected to be the catalyst in bringing the Halal R & D frontier further.  It will explore new dimensions and chart new findings in Halal research for the benefit of all.

A wide range of amenities will also be provided to facilitate exhibitors and visitors during MIHAS 2009. Transportation services will be made available for exhibitors and visitors from Menara MATRADE to hotels and other selected locations. On site, there will also be a constant supply of taxis and coasters to shuttle them.

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