More Bumis Looking To Export Their Halal Products Through MIHAS

KUALA LUMPUR, May 5 (Bernama) — The increased participation of
Bumiputeras in the Malaysia International Halal Showcase 2008 (MIHAS
2008) is indicative of the serious efforts taken by Bumiputeras to go
further in the global halal industry, said MIHAS chief executive
officer Mohd Shukri Abdullah.

From 17 percent, the participation level has gone up to 60 percent at this year’s event, he said.

“This increase is something to be highly proud of compared with when it was started in 2004,” he told Bernama here recently.

He said more Bumiputeras were now recognising the golden
opportunity the event offered them for introducing their products to
the international market.

When exhibited through MIHAS, the products have a higher chance of
seeing more opened doors in the global market as MIHAS enjoys the
reputation for being one of the biggest exhibitors of food and halal
products in the world and Malaysia.

This year’s exhibition, which will be held at the MATRADE
Exhibition and Convention Centre from May 7- 11, is also expected to
attract 500 corporate buyers compared with 260 buyers last year.

Shukri cited the example of a Bumiputera producer of banana based
crackers from Kuala Selangor who currently exports two to three
containers of the product to the United Kingdom after having
participated in MIHAS.

Shukri said it was also important for the food producers to get their products halal certified by JAKIM.

He also called on Bumiputera entrepreneurs not to get carried away
in their rush to conquer new markets outside the region and forget the
regional markets in the process.

He said there were significant number of Muslims in Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia as well.

A total of 17 countries are participating in MIHAS 2008 and
participants include from Australia, South Africa, Thailand, United
Kingdom and the US.

Countries taking part in the event for the first time include Bosnia, Ukraine and Serbia.

The five major sectors being given priority at the MIHAS 2008
include food and drinks, pharmaseutikals and herbs, cosmetics and
healthcare as well as binking and finance.