Moscow Halal Business Forum will be held June 13-14 in Moscow

mhe_business_ENG_125Moscow Halal Business Forum will bring together experts to discuss an emerging global interest in principles of Islamic economy

On June 13-14 Moscow will host the event which will bring together Halal industry players, Shariah experts and specialists in Islamic finance, academicians and government representatives. All of them will participate in Moscow Halal Business Forum, organized annually as an important part of International Moscow Halal Expo 2013.

Among the goals of the Business Forum are promotion of ethical principles in the economy, expansion of halal products market, sharing experiences in Halal certification and Islamic finance, strengthening of business relations between Russia and the Islamic world.

This year Moscow Halal Business Forum will consist of IV Moscow Halal Congress and IV Islamic Finance and Investment Forum.

Moscow Halal Congress will raise questions of Halal standard unification, interaction with public authorities, increasing volumes of Russian exports and imports of Halal products, the industry development in Russia, CIS countries and around the world.

The composition of Islamic Finance and Investment Forum will allow participants to broaden their knowledge of Islamic financial instruments and markets in a special international seminar, which will take place on the first day, June 13. On the second day the experts will share their practical experience in the organization of Islamic businesses, discuss the challenges and prospects Islamic finance market development.

Moscow Halal Business Forum will take place on June 13-14, 2013 at All-Russia Exhibition Centre, pavilion 75.



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