Muslim CHNGMKRS – First International Online Muslim Lifestyle Event celebrating Muslims  

GLOBAL- Noor and Zafir is excited to announce – Muslim CHNGMKRS- an International event  showcasing inspiring Muslim trail blazers carving their own lanes, building their own tables and myth busting taboos to amplify diverse Muslim stories and lifestyles shaped by Islamic faith and values.

The Covid pandemic has forced us all to introspect, prioritise, and most importantly prepare for a post Covid world. The Muslim CHNGMKRS is exactly the tonic we as Muslims need  to level up into your healthiest, most creative and entrepreneurial selves, regardless of your age and gender.

The Muslim CHNGMKRS event is for everyday Muslims looking to be uplifted and inspired with encouragement from key influencers, artists, through to entrepreneurs talking about fashion, beauty, health, marriage, parenting, sports, travel, food and business.

With 50 international speakers, there is something for everyone at the Muslim CHNGMKRS, to give you a taster, the line up includes:

Ally Salama, MIT speaker, WHO ambassadorand founder of Empower Magazine

Humeyra Corduk, social media sensation and modest fashion influencer

Ufuk Secgin- founder of

Ali Javad, British Paralympic power lifter 

Amira Sackett a renowned dancer, TedX Speaker and  guest lecturer at Harvard University, as well as keynote speaker, promotor of diversity and inclusions and founder

Mohamed Hammoud, host of UNFLTRD Podcast

Lara Radwan, founder of Kinda Halal and a social media influencer said:

“With so much segregation, it’s time we connect the community. This is such a liberating way to be connecting Muslims around the world while showcasing to others what we’re really about. Some of the most talented and inspiring Muslims with us, really excited about it all.”

Marta Maryam Rozsa – Founder of Noor and Zafir shares what inspired her to start Muslim CHNGMKRS:

“I have always dreamed about creating a platform, for everyday heroes and connecting people with a story, with passions and contributing to our positive narratives from within, and create a world in which Muslims are confident, impactful and bringing positive change to society. The Muslim CHNGMKRS event is just the beginning- it aims to inspire, to celebrate diversity, empower Muslims of today.”

Asil Attar – Founder of Turban Thinker, Forbes Top 30 Most Influential Women in the Arab world and one of the 100 Influential People Help Shape the Emirates will be joining Muslim CHNGMKRS said:

“I am honored to be a part of the MUSLIM CHNGMKRS event. As an empowered Muslim women, it is my duty and responsibility to inspire Muslim men and women to reach their fullest potential and by doing so leading change globally.  Noor and Zafir  is an enabler for such positive change.”

MUSLIM CHNGMKRS events will be live streamed  in all time zones and take place over three weekends from 20th February 2021 to 6th March 2021.

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