Muslims Can Now Be Sure They Eat Halal Meat

First boxes with quick tests for halal meat arrived to the capital of
Tatarstan, Kazan. Now every Muslim, concerned about meat purity, can
find out whether minced meat contains pork in several minutes.
technique is very well known for a long time, however, such application
is novel. A piece of paper is covered with immuno-specific antibodies,
which react on proteins, contained in pork meat. The same principle
works for pregnancy test.
      If the meat is halal, the
paper will show only one stripe meaning no pork proteins inside. Two stripes
indicate that a Muslim should not eat such meat. As for a dishonest
meat producer he can lose his license, and his reputation will be
stained forever.
      The only drawback of the tests is their price, they cost 250 rubles each which is the price of one kilogram of good beef.