New Book: Variations in Halal Standards: Actuality, Causes, Proposals


There have been requests and discussions to present a unified Islamic standard, similar to ISO, in the Islamic world for Halal. These requests, although well intentioned, do not understand well enough the history of Islamic Jurisprudence and the variations between different Sunni fiqh schools of thought. Islamic Jurisprudence is derived from Divine revelation; while an ISO standard is based on human observations and experiences.

Through Variations in Halal Standards’, Mufti Yousuf Abdul-Razzaq, CEO and Head of Shariah Research Department, SANHA, Pakistan, comprehensively explains the variations between these different schools of thought and answers lingering questions regarding the unification of Islamic Standards across the Muslim world.

The following 8 issues are where there is a difference of opinion in the four Sunni Muslim schools of thought:

1. Stunning

2. Mechanical slaughtering

3. Animals slaughtered by the peoples of the book

4. Seafood

5. Colourants from insects

6. Definition of purity and impurity

7. Use of alcohol

8. Vinegar produced from wine.

There is also the administrative part of these global Halal standards which can vary between countries based on their needs, and also some companies may develop their own Halal standards as there are different standards for each sector, from them for their own use.

This and more is researched and written about in this informative book on a topic that one would think should be straight forward, like any other industry standards,  but it will show the implications why it is much more complicated than you would think.

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