New Halal meat cultures expand Chr. Hansen’s palette of solutions

Certified by the Islamic Food Council of Europe the cultures offer meat producers better taste, appearance and food safety

“After many
customer requests Chr. Hansen has partnered with the Islamic Food
Council of Europe to offer Halal certified meat cultures to the meat
producers who wish to manufacture products according to the Halal
rules,” says John Jensen, Marketing Director, Meat Cultures, Chr.

The Islamic Food
Council of Europe is one of the few Halal organizations that are
recognized by the powerful Indonesian MUI Council stipulating a set of
global rules in terms of Halal certification.
 “The six cultures in
question meet all the requirements as outlined in Muslim dietary rules
while providing optimum flavor development, appealing color and natural
protection against food bugs in the final meat product,” Jensen

Growing demand
the global Halal food market currently valued at almost US$760 billion
(source:, the demand for raw materials and ingredients
that can be fully certified as Halal is higher than ever before and
rapidly growing.

Muslim consumers
increasingly expect assurance that food and beverages fully comply with
Islamic preparation requirements from the very start of the
manufacturing process, creating increased pressure to source
ingredients from suppliers that are certified by recognized Halal

“In Chr. Hansen we
are constantly working on providing the market with new cultures that
meet the requirements for high quality, uniformity, safety and
flexibility in modern meat production. Listening to market needs is a
key value driver for us, and with the new Halal cultures 30 million
Muslims in Europe will get the opportunity to choose a product to their
liking,” concludes John Jensen.

Three product lines
The six Halal certified meat cultures available in Turkey, France, Germany, Italy and soon Spain fall within three categories:
BactoFlavor®: For optimum flavor development in fermented sausages and a fast and reliable fermentation

(BactoFlavor® BFL-F02, BactoFlavor® BFL-F06, BactoFlavor® BFL-T03)
BactoFerm®: For mild, round taste and the typical color of cooked cured meat products
(BactoFerm® C-P-77, BactoFerm® F-RM-52)
SafePro®: The range of bio-protective cultures for meat countering the threat of listeria in foods
(SafePro® B-LC-48)
‘Permitted food’
general requirements for Halal, or ‘permitted’, food are that it does
not contain ingredients or derivatives from non-Halal sources; it is
made with equipment that is free from non-Halal contamination; it is
fully segregated from non-Halal items; and that there is full
compliance with hygiene and sanitation requirements.

About Chr. Hansen
in 1874 Chr. Hansen is a global bioscience company that provides
natural ingredients to the food industry. For the meat industry we are
specialists in cultures, colors, preservatives, taste and functional
systems. With deep scientific insight and industrial application
knowledge we are focused on intelligent solutions for our customers.
Together we can create tasty, healthy and safe meat products.

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