UK: New Range of Halal Stocks available for caterers

Essential Cuisine has launched a chef-inspired range of halal-approved stocks to give caterers complete peace of mind when creating dishes in today’s ethnically-diverse society.

The specialist has developed chicken, vegetable, beef and lamb flavoured stocks that meet Halal Food Agency guidelines and give Muslims more choice in what they can eat out.

Nigel Crane, Dorchester-trained chef and managing director of Essential Cuisine, said, according to the World Halal Forum, there were now two million ¬halal consumers in Britain.

“This is now a integral consumer group for UK caterers to consider, but what’s the point of buying halal meat if you then add ingredients to a dish which go against the religious beliefs of the Muslim community?, he said. “It restricts what you can offer and what they can enjoy.

“One of the key ingredients in many dishes is stock, which delivers depth and balance of flavour, and, while there are other halal-approved stocks on the professional market, many just do not cut it in terms of flavour, consistency and yield. We wanted to put this right.”

Essential Cusine's Halal Stock RangeEssential Cuisine’s powdered halal stocks make life easier for everyone from school caterers, who must make every effort possible to cater for every pupil’s needs, whatever their culture, to leisure venues such as sports stadia, which cater for a high ethnic consumer base.

Each halal stock is made in a dedicated, licensed production unit by staff trained in appropriate handling of halal ingredients and products, and managed according to HACCP principals to ensure segregation from non-halal materials throughout the production process.

Like the rest of the Essential Cuisine range, each stock offers a superior yield of 50ltrs per 800g tub, with each variant tasting just like kitchen-made stock with a clear appearance and appropriate levels of seasoning, a low level of fat (c3%) and no MSG or preservatives.

Essential Cuisine’s halal stocks are:
• Permitted for Muslims to consume according to the Q’uran and Islamic Jurisprudance, which prohibits the consumption of pork, alcohol and intoxicants, meat from carnivores and from animals not slaughtered according to dhabihah
• Specifically developed for Halal dietary requirements and fully comply with the requirements of the Q’uran in terms of ingredients and their manufacture
• Audited and accredited by the HFA (Halal Food Authority), with Essential Cuisine holding a yearly license to produce the certified products (HFA Approved halal logo)
• Suitable for vegetarians