New Products for Baby’s Health

Mumtaz, one of the UK’s leading Asian foods manufacturers, is
launching new Halal baby foods which help combat infant anaemia at the
Halal World Expo in Abu Dhabi.

Mumtaz baby foods are the only baby food products on the market to
include Halal meat, a step towards combating iron deficiency anaemia
(IDA) in infants.

IDA is when a child has inadequate iron in their blood which has
been conclusively seen to delay psychomotor development and impair
cognitive performance of infants, with lasting affects on their
language skills, motor skills, and coordination, equivalent to a five
to 10 point deficiency in IQ.

Mumtaz baby food products, developed for infants at four and seven
months and onwards, have a 20 per cent higher meat content than other
baby food products in a direct effort to reduce baby anaemia.  The
products are 100 per cent Halal, enabling Muslim mothers to provide
their babies Halal meat and ensuring a greater iron intake.

“We are excited to be able to present a very high quality halal
product at the Halal World Expo” says Bill Kimberling, the commercial
director at Mumtaz Ventures. “We believe it is our corporate
responsibility to provide such a product to help combat infant anaemia,
when according to the World Health Organisation, 73 per cent of all
Muslim babies suffer, from some degree, of anaemia.”

Mumtaz will be launching a wider range of Halal baby foods at the
Halal World Expo, enabling exposure to international suppliers and
distributors. The company has recently started stocking their products
at Spinneys supermarkets in the UAE, but they will also be looking to
build more relationships at the exhibition with other supermarkets and
distributors to increase their brand and sales in the UAE.  Other new
products such as 100 per cent alcohol-free vinegar and salad dressing
will also be launched at the event.

Christine Weaver, Exhibitions Director at IIR Middle East, said,
“Halal World Expo is an ideal platform for Halal-related industries to
meet with consumers and other suppliers, to discuss related issues,
products and future possibilities.  We look forward to welcoming Mumtaz
to the event and it is especially exciting that they are launching such
an important product.”

The Halal World Expo, taking place from 9 – 11 December at the Abu
Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, is organized by the Institute for
International Research.  Halal products, from food to pharmaceuticals,
will be on display and visitors will also have an opportunity to get
involved in discussions on Halal standards, branding, and market