Opinion: A paradigm change is needed

By Mahmoud Tatari, General Manager, Halal Control Germany

Despite of the existence of many well elaborated halal standards and regulations issued by renowned organizations, halal integrity is still not assured. This is due to increasing fraudulent conduct of a few but influencing many stakeholders in the global halal ecosystem.

Therefore, we ask the related authorities in the halal governance and assurance sector to implement more effective measures in order to increase confidence in halal products at both the consumer and industry level.

A paradigm change is needed. 

Clear rules and understanding formulated in a ‘Halal Code of Conduct’ should be established. This in combination with regulations and standards with a systematical approach. Meaning, measures for a much more effective monitoring, risk assessment, indicators, whistleblower and anti-corruption system (ISO 37001). Also leadership awareness and training, which are just some of the recommendable measures.

These measures should be applied transversely on the Halal Conformity System in order to increase integrity, hence effectiveness, hence trustability. Confidence will enable the halal industry to flourish, as it is its currency.

Accreditation and certification, which are based on sampling, have been so far woefully ineffective in demonstrating the effectiveness of assuring halal product integrity that is needed to convey the essential confidence when referring to all aspects of halal (in terms of “confidence” refer to ISO IEC 17065).