Opinion: How is Muslim beauty redefining the Asian cosmetic market?

Florence Bernardin


On the occasion of the publication of the new report dedicated to the M-Beauty, Florence Bernardin, specialist of Asian beauty trends and creator of the agency Information & Inspiration, explains the growing importance of Malaysia and Indonesia in the global beauty market.

Premium Beauty News – How is Muslim beauty redefining the Asian cosmetic market?

Florence Bernardin – The majority of Malaysia and Indonesia inhabitants are Muslims (respectively 60% and 87% of the population), and Indonesia is the biggest Muslim country in the world with 225 million Muslims. In these countries, Muslim women are highly observant of their religion and it has a strong impact on their relationship to beauty.

Premium Beauty News – Social media also play a role?

Florence Bernardin – Young Muslim modern women are redefining the fashion and beauty landscape, by creating modest fashion empires (Fashion Valet by Vivy Yusof, Hijup by Diajeng Lestari) or new halal beauty platforms (Pretty Succi). Muslimah are the new social media influencers, they share their beauty tips, their faith testimonials and their family moments, creating a strong bound with their community of followers.

Premium Beauty News – A huge opportunity for Halal beauty?

Florence Bernardin – Halal beauty is booming as Halal certification becomes a requirement in Indonesia for every product in 2019, making the 4th most populated country in the world a huge market for Halal beauty and innovation. In parallel, Malaysia appears as an expert in halal certification, attracting foreign companies, like Amore Pacific who plans to open a new manufacturing plant in Malaysia by 2020 to tap into the Halal beauty market.

Premium Beauty News – Is Halal the new black in these countries?

Florence Bernardin – Halal now goes beyond religious concerns as halal certification requires a strict, clean process of fabrication. By nature, it’s free from most animal components and cruelty-free, which makes it appealing to the vegetarian/vegan public and consumers concerned with ethics and safety. Actually, Halal is becoming an equivalent of clean and safe beauty.

Premium Beauty News – Is it also an opportunity for indie brands?

Florence Bernardin – The past three years saw the emergence of a huge number of local indie brands, who not only introduce make-up that can compete with international brands in terms of quality and colour palette but also advocate local pride and diversity in skin tones and beauty features.

Indie brands have also totally submerged the market by promoting their products through influencers like Tara Farysia or Khainina Khalil, and addressing their fans through feminine and edgy Instagram accounts (Dear Me Beauty, Mad for Make Up, dUck Cosmetics).

M-Beauty – The case of Indonesia and Malaysia

The latest report from Information & Inspiration presents a comprehensive analysis of the Muslimah consumer in Indonesia and Malaysia through:

  • An introduction to Indonesia and Malaysia key facts and a state of norms and certifications today
  • An exhaustive analysis of the Muslimah consumer, her relation to fashion, beauty and social media through the prism of faith
  • A presentation of the key players of the markets, from traditional beauty to emerging indie brands (skincare, makeup & hair care)
  • An update on latest beauty news, trends, looks and hot products
  • Conclusion – How and why Indonesia & Malaysia are the new beauty EldoradoMore information: www.info-inspiration.com