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Opinion: Key areas in Islamic Finance and the Halal Industry

| 29/06/2013 | 1 Reply

By Rushdi Siddiqui for The Edge-Malaysia

Rushdi believes that a change agent must tell the truth to a benevolent dictator, religious hardliner, and compassionately connect with youth and have nots.

Islamic Finance and the Halal Industry need to be part of the everyday conversation in Malaysia. The 20% of Malaysian Islamic banking assets is a solid foundation for building the next 20% in half the time.

The talking points must be about the financial inclusion of youth, students, the have-nots, funding for the SMEs, food security becoming [a part of] national security, and diversifying and financing a knowledge-based economy.

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  1. Nasir Iqbal - Dubai says:

    Great piece! Rushdie’s wake up call to IF/HF leaders – for consolidation and convergence…

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