Opinion: The Road Less Traveled: with Saffron Road in the USA

By Mustafa Davis

I titled this post “The Road Less Traveled” because in my experience, companies that exude the highest standards of ethics and morality while producing a wonderful product that consumers rave about it is rare.  I am very happy to announce my partnership with Halal food company Saffron Road on the Club Halal Tour of the Western United States.  I will be traveling (camera in hand) with Imam Dawud Yasin on a three week tour helping to promote the Saffron Road product release in Costco stores in San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, and Denver.

The Saffron Road tour is a very exciting initiative for me. In the past I, myself, have been skeptical of the meat and poultry industry for many reasons. We live in a time where corporate scandals and mistreatment of animals dominate the food industry media and so it’s very refreshing to see that Saffron Road has created a brand that embodies ethical consumerism, all-natural, anti-biotic free products harvested on family owned farms.  After personally visiting the farms, I saw firsthand the amount of care and concern Saffron Road has not only for the animals, local farmers, and the environment, but also for maintaining the highest Islamic principles of Halal. I’m positive that Saffron Road is setting the ethical standard of Halal for the American Muslim community.

The fact that the animals are raised with Certified Humane standards, no antibiotics are used, that great care is shown for the local farmers that raise the animals, that the animals are slaughtered according to the highest standards of Islamic jurisprudence and the simple fact that the finished product tastes amazing… are all reasons why I am excited to support this initiative.

I’ll be posting our tour dates and locations in the next few days.  Please come out and show your support and receive discount coupons, win t-shirts, and learn firsthand what it means to be on the Saffron Road.


Press Release

Saffron Road Takes a Road Trip
Brand to Promote New Halal Products to Muslim Communities

Stamford, CT – June 15, 2012 – In an effort to create more awareness and further their bond with Muslim consumers, Saffron Road http://www.facebook.com/saffronroadfood, the packaged food brand of American Halal Co., is hitting the road to visit multiple Muslim communities across the West Coast region of the United States. As availability with retail partners continues to significantly increase on the West Coast, the Saffron Road team hopes their Club Halal http://www.saffronroadfood.com/club-halal tour will drive more awareness of their Halal Certified products, while also encouraging consumers to go into their local stores to purchase the brand’s products.
Saffron Road CEO, Adnan Durrani, says, “Hitting the road with a mobile tour is a first for our brand, and we’re excited to connect with Muslim communities so directly. I started this company out of the recognition that there are too few Halal options in the Americanmarketplace, and we are certainly doing our part to make it easier for Muslim shoppers to find food products that meet their needs,” continues Durrani.
The brand is partnering with Muslim thought leaders Dawood Yasin http://greenintensive.blogspot.com/ and Mustafa Davis. Dawood Yasin, MuslimAdvisor of Dartmouth College of Hanover, New Hampshire says, “Saffron Road has done all of us a great service by raising the industry standards in Halal food production. For years people have asked me, “where can I find Halal, humanely raised, organic beef and chicken?” I could not recommend any brands, as I was not confident that their products were meeting such standards. Saffron Road has not only met these standards for the American Muslim community, it has, in addition to this, also won the support of mainstream retail food vendors.  That’s huge! I am excited to be a part of this Road Trip, and to share with others my experiences of promoting a Halal brand that I can trust.”
Each stop will include a brief informational session about Saffron Road’s Halal standards, commitment to ethical consumerism and focus on providing Muslim consumers with more quality Halal options in convenient grocery stores all across the country. Complimentary samples of Saffron Road products will also be available, along with special offers exclusively for attendees. In addition, the tour will announce details of an important new retailer partnership with select Costco stores in the area.
Saffron Road markets a variety of Halal Certified products – from frozen gourmet ethnic meals and chicken nugget items, to broths, simmer sauces and appetizers. All Saffron Road products are Halal Certified by the Islamic Food and NutritionCouncil of America (IFANCA <http://www.ifanca.org/index.php> ). Saffron Road’s All Natural Certified Halal entree uses chicken that is Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care <http://certifiedhumane.com/> . All of Saffron Road’s livestock are fed 100% vegetarian feed and are never given Antibiotics or Hormones.

For more information on the Club Halal tour visit, www.saffronroadfood.com/club-halal <http://www.saffronroadfood.com/club-halal> .