Pakistan: 1st Global Halal Congress in Karachi – 4 Dec 2010

Halal  Development Council is organizing the 1st Global Halal Congress in  Pakistan with the theme ‘Discover Pakistan’s  Halal Potential’.   The  Halal Congress is an International conference to introduce Pakistan to  the leading Halal industry experts, global Halal agenda promoters and  international Halal certifiers.

The  Congress will be held at a local hotel in Karachi on 4th December  2010.    it will be  addressed & attended by more than 30 renowned scholars, scientists &  Halal authorities from 20+ destinations (including Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, South Africa, Mauritius, Malawi, Turkey, Iran, Australia, Switzerland, USA, UK, Brazil, Poland, Italy, France, Germany & Bosnia)

The Congress will enable business  professionals from banking, insurance, food and beverage, cosmetics,  pharmaceuticals, tourism, logistics, and packaging to identify the investment,  joint venture and trading opportunities in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s  strength is a 100% Halal production base from a Muslim country, with over 170  million consumers within Pakistan and a direct access to a grand total of 470  million Halal consumers in Afghanistan, Central Asia & Middle East. This  has to be propagated to the Halal agenda promoters globally to strategize how  to take advantage of Pakistan’s strength for the development of  Halal trade in Pakistan, the OIC countries and the  world.

Halal  Development Council (HDC) is the only NGO in Pakistan  dedicated to the development of Halal Economy. Its main promoters include  reputable scholars, technocrats, jurists, diplomats and entrepreneurs who are  committed to the fulfillment of its mission by providing platforms for Halal  Awareness, Research, Standards, Certification, Branding, Marketing, Trade  Development, Updates, Investment promotion and Halal Industry  development.

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