Pakistan: Depilex owner launches ‘halal’ makeup range

By Saadia Kamar – The Express Tribune with the International New York Times

KARACHI: With an increased awareness regarding the teachings of Islam, Pakistani women are becoming increasingly choosy about their cosmetics, opting for products that do not conflict with their faith. The limited availability of halal cosmetics in the market has prompted Masarrat Misbah, owner of Depilex’s Beauty Clinic & Beauty Parlour, to launch her own line of ‘halal’ makeup products.

Cosmetics have consistently been under the radar for their non-halal ingredients, chiefly alcohol and lard. The presence of these two ingredients has prompted many Muslim women to scrutinize the products that they use, and opt for products that in their opinion are compatible with their beliefs. However, the dearth of halal alternatives has meant that their options were limited. Masarrat Misbah has capitalized on this void to launch MM, Pakistan’s first brand of certified halal makeup.

Speaking to The Express Tribune on the occassion of the launch on Saturday, Masarrat Misbah said, “MM Makeup is a complete range of cosmetics and the only certified halal cosmetic range available in Pakistan which sets us apart from all makeup products and brands currently available in Pakistan.”

She added,  “MM Makeup has become a reality after two years of research, primarily focused on a color range best adapted for the Asian skin tone, climate and complexion, with an emphasis on textures, colors, pigments and most importantly formulations. I really felt that Pakistani and Muslim women at large deserve a make-up brand that is suited to their skin type and most importantly, lifestyles.”

Masarrat Misbah made it clear that she was not targeting the halal market exclusively, “Our audience is not just the Pakistani or Muslim woman. It is for all women who want to enhance their natural beauty. It is also make-up that is parabens-free making it the best for a conscious lifestyle. The global audience is definitely something we have set our eyes on.”

MM Makeup will initially only be available online. It is expected to be available in outlets by June 2015.

Masarrat Misbah is not the first Pakistani celebrity to launch a cosmetics brand. Atiqa Odho launched Odho Cosmetics in 2003, and Nabila followed suit with her No Makeup palette earlier this month.