Pakistan: International Halal Conference & Expo

Oct 06, 2011 – For the promotion of Halal Industry all over the world an International Conference is being organized on 14- 15 December, 2011 in Lahore. The delegated from 16 countries are participating in the conference with the object to introduce Pakistani halal products to the rest of the world, thereby boosting the exports of Pakistan.
Pakistan happens to be such a country, as top in the world where only Halal products can be produces the entire meat, dairy products and other industries in Food manufacturing are all dependent upon halal ingredients, which enable Pakistan an easy access to the 3trillian dollars halal global market.

Dr. Hamid Jalil the Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan Agriculture and Meat Company (PAMCO) under the Government of Punjab, while explaining the objectives of the conference informed that it will be one of the unique type of Conference which will includes the practical aspects of the learning, for which it has been divided into two segments. On the first day the researchers will present their papers based on the research while the second day has been allocated to field visits and on site demonstrations. These visits include a State of the Art facility set-up by PAMCO costing $300 million with the co-operation from Iran, M-3 Halal Industrial Park at Faisalabad, National Institute of Food and Technology (NIFT), University of Agriculture, Faisalabad and a Halal Laboratory set-up at University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS), Lahore so that that the delegated fro different countries may see the actual research work through these visits.

Dr Hamid said that the objective of PAMCO is to promote Halal Industry through developing Agriculture and Livestock sectors.  He further informed that Pakistani products are respected all over the world for being halal the demand for which is increasing day by day. Keeping this in view, PAMCO is strengthening contact with many international institutions, and two further contracts are expected to be signed at the conference.

Mr Zubair Mughal, the Chief Executive Officer – Halal Research Council, added that the conference will provide a great opportunity for Pakistani FMCG sector to get them recognized in the international market, which will help boost the exports from Pakistan and enabling the reduction of budget deficit of Pakistan.
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