Pakistan: LCCI body calls for end to slaughter of female animals

Flag_of_Pakistan.svgThe Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Standing Committee on Halal Meat Chairman Nasib Ahmed Saifi has called for stopping the slaughtering of female animals saying it is necessary for future growth of animals. In a statement issued here on Wednesday, Nasib Ahmed Saifi called for stopping slaughtering of female animals and said it is not only our moral responsibility but necessary for the future growth of animals.

‘All slaughterhouses should work themselves to avoid the same without even government influence and pressure,’ he suggested. He said very recently Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Nepal and Iran asked government of Pakistan for female cows and buffaloes from Sahiwal. The demand was unfortunately accepted by the government instead of discouraging. ‘We strictly condemn export of female animals ever, whether in the form of meat or alive,’ Saifi alleged.

Nasib Ahmed Saifi disclosed that India had imported from Pakistan a huge quantity of the Kundi buffalos and grew them for promotion of milk and meat. Fortunately or unfortunately, in spite of being the 5th largest growing country of the same kind of buffalos, Pakistan cannot meet its internal requirement of meat and milk even, he added. LCCI Standing Committee Chairman said that he would like to take first step ahead in the farming of more and more female animals and stop their slaughtering to meet not only the domestic requirement of the country but also the export of the same.