Pakistan, Malaysia Signed MOU for Halal Development

Lumpur, Nov 5:  The Halal Development Project (HDP) of Pakistan and
International Halal Integrity Alliance Ltd (IHI) of Malaysia have
signed MOU for forging bilateral ties in the Halal Food Sector.

signing ceremony which was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia yesterday
(4th November, 2009) was also attended by the High Commissioner for
Pakistan, Lt. Gen. (Retd) Tahir Mahmud Qazi and  Mr. Wajihullah Kundi,
Commercial Counselor for Pakistan High Commission and business persons
of both Pakistan and Malaysia.

Mr. Asad Sajjad, Chief Executive
Officer of Halal Development Project while highlighting  the salient
features of the MOU said that according to the MOU, International Halal
Integrity Alliance Ltd (IHI) of Malaysia will  organize Halal
compliance training workshops in Pakistan and Malaysia for the 
training of the Pakistani Industrialists,   businessmen and workforce
involved in the Halal Sector to build their capacity and educate them
on Halal Related procedures and relevant rules and regulations.

Asad said that as per MOU IHI will also assist  in establishing a Halal
Standards Board and Halal Accreditation Body in Pakistan besides 
coordinating with Pakistan to set up Halal Products testing
laboratories, provide referrals of key experts in setting up a Halal
Science base in Pakistan and  exchange all relevant information on
Halal Sector.

The High Commissioner for Pakistan in Malaysia,
Lt. Gen. (Retd) Tahir Mahmud Qazi while commenting on the MOU said
that, provided the MOU is properly implemented by both the parties, it
will certainty help in promoting Halal business in Pakistan by helping
relevant agencies of setup Halal Sector Paraphernalia in the country.