Pakistan Offers Opportunities for Malaysian Investors

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 19 (Bernama) — There are many opportunities for bilateral cooperation between Pakistan and Malaysia, says Pakistan’s Federal Secretary of the Investment Ministry, Tariq Puri.

Malaysian investors do not need to fear on investing in Pakistan as the country provides one of the best investment-friendly regimes in the world, Puri said in a statement Thursday.

Halal food and certification, veterinary sciences, infrastructure development, power sector, housing, information and communications technology are some of the key sectors that can benefit both countries, he said.

Puri said the establishment of an exclusive economic zone for Malaysia in the Sindh Province and the signing of the Malaysia-Pakistan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement have provided the needed mechanism and enabling environment for enhanced trade and investment between the two countries.

He urged potential Malaysian investors to directly approach the Investment Ministry in Pakistan for any information and for settlement of grievances, if any, with their Pakistani counterparts or with any of the Pakistani agencies or departments.