Pakistan: Over 90 percent of people consume non-Halal products

Pakistan FlagChairman Punjab Halal Development Agency (PHDA), Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman has said that there are more than 90 percent of people in country are consuming non-Halal products due to unawareness. As discussed in the Standing Committee about 23 non-Halal items are being consumed in Pakistan is a dilemma for all of us, he said in a statement issued here on Tuesday.

The federal government should immediately establish The Halal Development Authority to evade such incidents and to boost up Halal trade. The authority would be responsible to control and manage the import and export of Halal items, he added. He said that PHDA has already proposed draft law for the establishment of Halal Authority which is still waiting for the approval by National Assembly. He said that PHDA, Malaysia, Thailand and USA’s Halal Agency Agencies are conducting research on electronic coding of products to elaborate their ingredients either they are Halal or Haram. On the basis of these analyses, PHDA already has intimated the relevant organisations that non-Halal items are being sold in Pakistani markets but nobody took notice as there was no legislative support behind this. He said that there are not only 23 but thousands non-Halal or makrooh items being sold in Pakistani markets but due to unawareness, people are consuming these items comfortably.

Justice Khalil said that all exporting countries including non-Muslim have established their own Halal Authorities to regulate their business in Halal countries but unfortunately we are still waiting for the approval by government. He urged the government to announce the establishment of Pakistan Halal Development Authority immediately to boost-up Halal industry of Pakistan and to regulate the import and export of Halal products.