Pakistan: Pak share in Halal market remains insignificant

The Nation –

Pakistan FlagLAHROE – Despite largest animal population on the globe, Pakistan’s share in halal food market remained at insignificant level of just 2.9 per cent of the global halal meat production, as the country is not benefiting from the $2 trillion market, halal market experts said.
They said halal brand market is growing rapidly throughout the world and its demand is increasing day by bay, but it is unfortunate that Pakistan ranked 18th in this, as its meat production volume is as low as 2.9 per cent of the total halal meat market.
Chairman Standing Committee for Halal Meat Export, LCCI, Naseeb Ahmad Saifi, told The Nation that Pakistan’s export had increased from very initial level in the last couple of years, but it was still negligible, as the government is not providing any help or initiative in this regard.  He said Pakistan could play vital role in this growing market because Pakistan have more than 160 million quality live stock including 71 million cattle and buffalos and 89 million goats and sheep.
He asked the Punjab government to launch vaccination drive against Foot & Mouth Disease in the animals throughout the province with a view to get clearance certificate of the UNO, as India did to enhance its meat export. He observed that government has already eradicated the FMD through strong vaccination drive but did not approach the UNO for certification, resulting into complete halt in meat export to the USA, the EU countries, Russia and Russian states. Pakistan’s meat export is limited to few markets which is now overwhelmed with other strong competitors like Australia, South Africa and India, he lamented.
There is no Muslim country included in the list of first ten halal meat exporters, although Pakistan, Sudan and other Muslim countries have big potential of exporting halal meat globally.
He said that Pakistan’s strength is a 100 percent halal production base, with over 170 million consumers in Pakistan and a direct access to a 470 million halal consumers in Central Asia, Middle East and Europe.
The Chairman of Saifi Group of Companies, which deals not only in Pakistan but also in the UAE and Thailand, observed that it is unfortunate that presently almost all countries, including. Brazil, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Thailand and India, are exporting halal brand are non-Muslims.
Hence, Pakistan has great opportunity to grab its share of global halal product market by enhancing its production and improving quality.
He informed that with a view of strengthening Pakistan share in the global halal meat industry, the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry will hold a conference on ‘Halal Food Export’ on September 09, 2013.
He said that Saifi Group is working for the development of halal industry through research, diversity, advocacy, market intelligence and capacity building. He stated that there are 15 national and international companies in Pakistan that have started issuing halal brand.