Pakistan: Pak to open new chapter of halal certification

Amanullah Khan

Karachi—Pakistan is about to open a new chapter to its export regime with the beginning of “Halal Certification” of exportable items having a huge global market estimated around $1.5-$2 billion.

Tariq Iqbal Puri, Chief Executive Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) explained at a Press Briefing here today that forthcoming Global Halal Congress, being held in the third week of coming December, will accelerate the process of Halal Certification in Pakistan.

Accompanied by Asad Sajjad, Secretary General/CEO Halal Development Council (HDC) and other senior TDAP officials including Javed Anwar Khan said that process of Halal Certification would add value to Pak products as well as help attracting local and foreign investment in Halal products besides branding of Pak products internationally.

The Global Halal Congress would be a grand event in which Grand Mufti of Bosnia Dr. Mustafa Ceric besides 27 representatives from 17 countries have confirmed their participation. The global congress would be held in the last week of December, said Tariq Puri.

Highlighting the potential Halal market Tariq Puri said 40 percent of the huge trillion dollar Halal market is shared by meat and chicken while remaining 60 percent of the market consisting of other 300 items and services.

Halal Brand is being recognized as symbol of good quality product in the words besides 1.70 billion Muslim consumers non Muslims also prefer halal products as the logo of Halal ensures hygienic quality of the products.

Ironically about 85 percent of this trillion dollar halal business is in the hands of non Muslim countries as they are utilizing the Halal brand to their economic benefit. In this context Brazil, USA, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and India are the largest exporters of Halal products in the world. While only two Muslim countries including Malaysia and Indonesia are exporting Halal products.

There is an existing demand for Halal products from over a billion ready customers all over the world who recognize the Brand Halal. Pakistan is well known to the world as a big Muslim country and we have ample opportunities to develop our halal sector. With 170 million Muslims and having a direct access to a grand total of 470 million Muslim customers in Afghanistan, Central Asia, Middle East and India Pakistan has the potential to become the biggest Halal Hub of the region.

The process of Halal Certification would be a major development in export regime of Pakistan for which TDAP is preparing for inviting Expression of Interest through international tenders. The successful and capable companies would be inducted in Halal Certification process, Tariq Puri said.