President al-Assad to participate in Islamic economic summit

The COMCEC aims to enhance economic and commercial cooperation and to draw up a joint action program.
The sources told al-Watan newspaper that 14 leaders of Arab and Islamic states would take part in the summit.
OIC website reported that the summit would review latest economic
developments and issues related to investment and trade between the
organization’s member states.
topics dealing with poverty, technical and economic support, financial
cooperation, investment and cooperation between central banks would be
also discussed.
the participants would draw up standards and measures for “halal”
foodstuff, e-government applications and their economic effects on the
organization’s member states.
Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the
Organization of the Islamic Conference (COMCEC) was founded during the
3rd Islamic summit conference held I Mecca and Taef in 1981.
After three years, i.e. in 1984, The COMCEC started its work in the 4th Islamic summit conference.