Pringles now Halal

By: Pamela Vinsence, Malaysia

Malaysia – Procter & Gamble (P&G) has had its potato crisp brand Pringles certified by Malaysia’s Halal authority JAKIM.

All Pringles labels have started to carry the Halal logo from December.

assurance is first and foremost for our Muslim consumers to be able to
fully enjoy the Pringles experience,” Zulhaimi Abdul Hamid, external
relations leader of Procter & Gamble Malaysia, said.

Pringles has rolled out PR to communicate the news to customers.

the brand has also launched a new range called Ocean flavours.
Advertising for the flavours which include Seaweed, Grilled Shrimp, and
Soft-shell Crab will be activated next year.

“We want consumers
to have the enjoyable taste of seafood and by having colourful chips,
we hope to enhance their experience while snacking,” Abdul Hamid said.