Promoting, developing Philippine Halal Industry

imagesManila, Philippines – The Aquino Administration has identified the Halal industry as a key investment area owing to the $632-billion global market. The Philippines has an edge in Halal products as Muslim Filipinos form a significant segment of Philippine society. Mindanao, home to about four million Muslims, is projected to become the Halal hub due to its strategic location in this part of the world.

The Arabic term Halal refers to food and medicines that are allowed by the Shariah or Islamic Law. The Halal logo would guarantee that the product is clean and beneficial to health. Halal food laws are based on the Qu’ran, the Muslim scripture. Under Islamic Law, it is forbidden to use dirty equipment during preparation and processing of Halal food.

The Halal Development Project, embodied in Republic Act (RA) 9997, “promotes and develops the Philippine Halal Industry and accredits halal-certifying entities/bodies for the benefit of Muslim Filipinos and in partnership with agencies, individuals and institutions here and abroad.” The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) issued a set of criteria and guidelines for accrediting Halal certification entities and launched the Philippine Halal Development, Promotion, and Accreditation Board (Halal Board) on January 30, 2013, after consultations with government and private sectors. The Philippine Halal logo will check on fake Halal products. Local manufacturers are advised to use the logo and secure Halal certification only from NCMF-accredited organizations.

The country has a wide array of Halal products – processed food, ingredients and condiments, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, natural and organic products which will be presented in the International Food Exhibition Philippines in Manila, a biennial event. The event will devote a pavilion to Halal products to assist industry players in marketing them to foreign buyers.

We congratulate the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos, headed by Chief Executive Officer Secretary Mehol K. Sadain, its Commissioners and other Officers, and wish them the best and success in all endeavors. CONGRATULATIONS AND MABUHAY!