Religious slaughter most humane?

Religious Slaughter – Halal and Humane

Muslim Council of Britain and the London Muslim Centre jointly
organised a seminar on ‘Religious Slaughter – Halal and Humane’ on
Friday July 26 at the LMC.

Dr Shuja Shafi of the MCB Food Standards
Committee chaired the seminar which included speakers Dr Abdul Majid
Katme, on the importance of using appropriate methods of animal
slaughter, and Dr Yunes Teinaz, on problems associated with meat
fraud and how it compromises human health.  

In his address, the guest speaker, Joe Regenstein, Professor of Food
Sciences at Cornell University said, “It is my personal belief that in
the future the most humane slaughter may well be religious slaughter.
All research on the issue of religious slaughter (as opposed to
evaluating a particular situation) needs to be done on a system that is
operating properly and provides the best possible condition for
slaughter – only then can the potential of religious slaughter be
properly evaluated. Hopefully then we can have an open-minded
scientifically-based discussion.”