Research: Insights and Guidelines on Halal Tourism


By Syed Fazal* ur Rahim and Sipper Khan**

Tourism when is made compliant with religious rulings it becomes a religious code rather than a mere travel. The same is the case with halal tourism which is purely an Islamic phenomenon based upon beliefs and teachings of Islam.

It is an emerging market that is expected to rise to US$ 274 billion by 2023. This paper puts forth the latest trends of halal tourism arising from the Islamic and non-Islamic countries and the measures taken by them to attract and facilitate the Muslim travelers.

This paper also suggests a code of regulations based upon halal tourism services starting with the halal basic tourism services and gradually reaching the halal ideal tourism services being derived from the Islamic Jurisprudence for the smooth running of halal tourism sector.

By presenting the code of regulations the paper aims to facilitate the global halal tourism market. While defining the rules several verses from the holy Quran have also been taken in consideration. These verses have been referenced to their relevant chapter and verse number.

Please find the paper below:

Insights and Guidelines on Halal Tourism

* Director Religious Affairs IFANCA Pakistan Halal Apex Private Limited, 144-A, Peoples Colony # 2, Faisalabad, Pakistan
** School of Food and Agricultural Sciences (SFAS), University of Management & Technology, C-II Johar Town, Lahore-54770, Pakistan