Russia: 7th Halal Expo 2016 exhibition opens in Moscow

The 7th Moscow international exhibition-forum Moscow Halal Expo-2016 opened in the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center in Moscow.

“The purpose of the exhibition is the development of Russian brands and halal services, attraction of investments into the domestic halal sector, increasing the share of high-quality and environmentally friendly products in the Russian economy, as well as the implementation of the import substitution program,” the organizers of the forum said.

The industry forums and round tables for professionals, a cooking show, the Best Halal Product of the Year Award, as well as companies that best match to halal standards will be awarded in the framework of the ‘business for business’ and ‘business for consumers’ formats.

The organizers of the exhibition promise to cover the whole range of areas where the products corresponding to the norms of Islam are presented, which are banking sectors, medicine, cosmetics and fashion, in addition to food.

The Russian Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev addressed the participants of the exhibition.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and on my own behalf, I welcome the guests, participants and organizers of the 7th Moscow International Exhibition Halal Expo-2016. I am confident that the Moscow Halal Expo 2016 exhibition, as well as meetings, forums and discussion platforms in its framework, will continue to contribute to the deepening of international cooperation and trade in this sphere,” Tkachev’s message says.

The international forum of halal industry was attended by representatives of the Russian Muftis Council, the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, the Saudi Islamic Development Bank, as well as major companies producing halal products. The participants of the forum will discuss prospects for expanding exports of Russian goods to the Islamic countries.

The Director of the Center of Ecological Certification ‘Green Standards’, member of the Expert Council under the Russian government, Rashid Ismailov, speaking to Vestnik Kavkaza, stressed that the exhibition is unique and has been held for the seventh time, which suggests that it is demanded.

“I drew attention to the fact that the geography of the participants is expanding, the product quality is getting better and there are new industries which also have an interest in this sector of the economy – such as the fashion industry and medicine. I am speaking here as a speaker on the topic of ecology. Eco-halal is a new understanding of environmental issues, ecological development and compliance with halal principles. These concepts are identical to each other: ecology and halal. Ecology is the ecology of the soul, behavior and thoughts. We want to convey this idea to our listeners, to our audience,” the expert said

Director of the Center of Ecological Certification ‘Green Standards’ also said that the Russian Muftis Council established a commission on the environmental development issues.

“Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin blessed our plans. We will educate and convey the value of this approach to life, which is based on the principle of halal, and environmental responsibility in business to every Muslim. We know that the environmental problems are on the agenda in the whole world today, they are important for each country. These are issues of water scarcity, climate change and wildlife protection. But especially I would like to mention our mission to bring these principles, this fashionable ‘ecology’ trend to the youth. And our young people should get acquainted with this environmental culture,” Rashid Ismailov concluded.

The exhibition director Kirill Skogorev said at the opening that, according to the organizing committee, the halal products are best products, which can only exist. “We sincerely thank the participants of this event, our partners and the Russian Muftis Council, because they have always supported us. Also I would like to thank the SAFMAR fund. “This year, the exhibition’s exposure has grown twice. Info-dissemination of the exhibition increased sixfold, the amount of attracted audiences exceeded the pre-registration amount by 300%. I hope for a good outcome of our current business and that all the participants of this event will receive a huge profit,” Kirill Skogorev noted.