Russia: Best of halal Product will be evaluated by the Expert Jury

The “Halal Product of the Year” contest will take place within the framework of the 7th International Moscow Halal Expo 2016 Exhibition for halal industry in the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. The winners will receive their awards during the closing ceremony on the 5th June.

Best Halal Product

Over 500 companies participate annually in the Halal Expo exhibition, a third of them being represented at the booths. Brands and product names number in the thousands. One of the biggest Russian manufacturers taking part in the exhibition this year is the MIRATORG company. All products at the exhibition have a halal certificate or comply with ecostandards. The Moscow Halal Expo organizers hold tasting contest for the sixth year running in order to encourage the companies to constantly improve the product quality and tastiness. Over a few years the number of contest categories for food products rose from five to fifteen. This year over 30 companies applied for participation, with a total of over 100 products to submit to experts’ approval.

Contest categories in the food segment:

  • Meat delicacies
  • Sausage products
  • Canned food (meat products)
  • Poultry (carcass)
  • Semi-prepared poultry products
  • Semi-prepared meat products (pelmeni)
  • Vegetable oil
  • Seafood (salted and smoked fish)
  • Dairy products (milk, cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese)
  • Tea
  • Confectionery
  • Bakery products
  • Fish products
  • Instant food

One of the last year’s winners was IKHLAS, a company from Tolyatti. The company’s director, Eltsin Aliyev, says that the “Best Halal Products” status is an indisputable bargaining chip while negotiating with partners, and a proof for regular customers that they made the right choice of a supplier. “Our participation and success in this contest mean that the efforts of all employees, from manual workers to the head of the company, have not been wasted, and are positive psychological support for moving forward and developing our professional skills”, — noted the head of Ikhlas.

Best Halal Award

Russian sports team eats halal

Halal food is an essential diet part during sports competitions. Adequate and balanced nutrition is very important for athletes in order to gain back strength and energy. “Usually the organizers of sports camps provide halal food like meat, poultry and other products. It is widely known that the Russian freestyle wrestling team is one of the strongest teams in the world, and halal food constitutes an unchanging part of their diet. It is good to know that the range of halal products is expanding now”, — says the coach of the Russian team, an Olympic freestyle wrestling champion, Hajimurad Magomedov.

Every year the Exhibition serves as a meeting point where the suppliers of halal products hold negotiations with the buyers — shops, restaurants and event organizers.

Halal Cosmetics to be checked for quality

This year the “Best Halal Product” contest will be also held among the manufacturers of beauty products. Green cosmetics complying with halal criteria are becoming more popular with Muslim women and consumers who prefer good-quality body care. Around 10 brands of halal and green cosmetics will participate in the exhibition.

Contest categories in cosmetics:

  • Face cream
  • Hand cream
  • Toothpaste
  • Lip balm

Applications for participation in the “Best Halal Product” contest will be accepted until the end of May.