Russia: Most consumers of Halal products in Moscow have no relation to Islam

Moscow, August 4, Interfax – Halal products volume in Russia is growing 30-40 percent annually, the Halal Standard Committee at the Tatarstan Islamic High Council said based on research outcomes.

Head of the Russian Consumer Rights Protection Union Mikhail Anshakov believes most Halal products are consumed by Moscow residents who have no relation to Islam, Argumenty i Fakty weekly reports Thursday.

“The demand for food products manufactured under control of any religious community is on the rise because consumers become more careful in selecting their food. Halal products are well-known as high quality food. For instance, they use minimum chemical additives or by-products and, thus, consumers have more trust in them,” he believes.

According to the newspaper report, the current food trends in Europe also show that Europeans increasingly trade off traditional food for Halal products.

The global halal food market is currently estimated at US$500 billion per year.