Russia: Russian Muslims keen on penetrating Global Halal Market

The 2nd Moscow Halal Expo provided an ideal platform not just for Muslims in Russia to penetrate the lucrative global Halal market, it also sends out a clear signal to global Halal players that this is indeed a thriving market worth exploring.

As the country’s capital played host to leading Halal industry players at the Crocus Expo in Moscow from 26 – 28 May 2011, feedback from over 500 participants was that this year’s Moscow Halal Expo was a huge success in showcasing the diversity of local Halal products and services, as well as highlighting the potentials of 27 million-plus Muslims in Russia.

Organised by the Russia Muftis Council, the event’s significance were rightly expressed by the Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin, Chairman of the Russia Muftis Council in his opening remarks.

“We are gathered here to be reminded that Islam is not merely a set of certain rituals but a complete spiritual, moral and legal system that can bring us to the benefits both in this transient life and in the eternity, if we follow it.”

More proof of the organiser’s comprehension of the global industry was prevalent from the line up of both the exhibitors and speakers. A total of 80 companies took part in the expo, from meat and livestock and processed food producers to fashion and media operators.

The predominantly Russian-based exhibitors also provided a clear indication of the growing demand for Halal in Russia. Rushan-Hazrat Abbayasov, Deputy Mufti and Chairman of the Organising Committee commented, “It is gratifying to note that the number of companies representing Russian Islamic business is growing from year to year, thus increasing the diversity in the range of Halal products and services offered to the public.”