Russia: Working group on Exporting Russian Halal poultry and eggs is organized

Halal certification Center became a member of the working group organized in order to create a conditions to export Russian producers of poultry meat and eggs to the Middle East, Africa and Asia countries.

The tasks of the working group to:

-Provide the poultry farms with the materials for the documents preparation on certification of the Russian poultry producers, ready and finished meat products and eggs for their inclusion in the list of companies to whom is given the right to export the products to Africa, the Middle East and Asia countries;

-Organize training courses for the specialists of poultry farms on veterinary and sanitary requirements of the countries — members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation;

-establish guidelines and collection of legal documents on the organization of production, transportation and sale of poultry products, according to the regulations of the OIC countries;

-provide the attracted financial resources for the organization of export of poultry and eggs to OIC countries;

-bilateral negotiations within the framework of individual projects concerning export of poultry meat and eggs in the OIC countries;

-develop, provide the organization with, and examine individual projects concerning export of poultry meat and eggs in the OIC countries;

-organize preparation of the Russian poultry farms – Halal products producers for participation and presentations in the specialized Halal exhibitions in the countries-members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

The working group includes governmental departments: Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of economic development, Ministry of industry and trade, Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance(Rosselkhoznadzor)

And also specialized organizations:  The EUROASIAN ASSOCIATION of POULTRY FARMERS on export and import of poultry meat and eggs, Halal Certification Center, The Chamber of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation, Euroasian economic commission, Business Russia all-Russian public organization, Opora Rossii all-Russian public organization, National Meat Association, International Poultry Council, The Russian soy union

The establishment of this working group is very opportunely, especially considering a situation in Europe, until now a major supplier of Halal poultry to the Arab and Muslim countries, after the enactment of a law to increase the amperage of electrical shock applied to chicken before slaughter, she began to lose its position in these countries.

Moreover, today Europe needs a constant supply of Halal poultry meat for the domestic market.

It is a vacant volume, and it will be filled by the one who can, and ready to do so.

Russia, with its immense agricultural lands has all the features to create the conditions for the cultivation of high-grade natural raw materials and production of Halal products for export.