Sarawak’s Halal hub in Mukah expanding (Malaysia)

Sarawak’s Halal hub in Mukah expanding (Malaysia)

by staff writer

December 18 2009 – SARAWAK’S Tanjung
Manis Halal Hub in Mukah has been expanded to almost five times its
original size in order to accommodate future investments.

Hashim Bojet, the deputy general manager for Sarawak
Timber Industry Development Corp., said that the hub now covers an area
of 77,000 hectares in Serdeng, Paloh, Mato and Daru areas in Sarawak,

“This Halal hub, the biggest in the world, will be
expanded over the next 30 years,” he said. “Out of $8.8 billion in
proposed investments, about $588 million has already been invested.”

Activities being promoted in Mukah include
agriculture, aquaculture, biotechnology, horticulture and large-scale
organic farming.

More than 10 foreign and local companies have invested a total of about RM10 billion for the Halal industry in Sarawak.