Saudi Arabia: Food worth SR70 million is wasted daily in Saudi


(image courtesy: Almarsd)

Riyadh: Consumers living in Saudi Arabia waste food worth SR70 million on average daily.

Savola Group chief executive officer Anees bin Ahmed Moumina, revealed the alarming figure during a programme aired on the TV channel MBC1.

He claimed that Saudi Arabia has one of the highest rates of food waste, with eight million meals worth SR70 million dumped daily.

Voted the Best Chief Executive Officer in the region for 2015 and 2017, he said that the findings were based on a nationwide study conducted by Savola company.

“The study revealed that up to 90 per cent of households in Saudi Arabia waste food,” he said, adding that over a million special boxes were distributed to 140,000 families in the Eastern, Central and Western provinces to slash waste and preserve food.

Another study conducted earlier had revealed that nearly 440 tonnes of rice gets dumped into the landfills every year.

Saudis may throw away between 35 and 40 per cent of cooked rice a year, amounting to SR1.6 billion.