Saudi Arabia: SFDA trains dozens of specialists from 25 countries about halal food requirements

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — The Halal Center at the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) organized a two-day virtual training course entitled “General Requirements for Halal Food”.

The training course, which was conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday and attended by 200 people from 25 countries, aimed to highlight requirements of halal food, raise the capabilities of workers in food establishments and halal certification bodies around the world in identifying the halal supply chain in the food industry, the risks that threaten it and how to control it.

The course also outlined the requirements of slaughtering in accordance with Islamic law in order to rehabilitate slaughterhouses and prepare specialists for halal slaughter.

The course included answering questions related to halal certificates, potential risks in the field of the halal industry, methods of on-line examination on halal production and their reliability and their ability to give correct results, the legality of some food additives, and the clarification of the legal fatwa regarding them.

The Halal Center will soon offer specialized training courses on halal food in several languages.